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Grace In Exile - by Maria Colonescu & Nicole Grainger

  • Edmonton International Fringe Festival Edmonton, AB Canada (map)

Grace has run away from home to join the circus. She’s faced with a mysterious fortune teller, a manipulative ring master and menacing clowns. Can you have a relationship in a world of pretend? Can wearing a green wig erase your past?

Grace In Exile is a multi-disciplinary play that uses elements of Japanese Butoh and contemporary dance to highlight traditional dialogue based storytelling. The play is an exploration of what we perceive as reality vs. fantasy and childhood’s journey into adulthood.  What will GRACE consider acceptable and what will she not?

Grace: Maria Colonescu

Hank / Chuck: Justin Deveau

Madame Rose: Nicole Grainger

Tootsie / Jimmy: dale Wilson

Directors: Maria Colonescu & Nicole Grainger

Producer: Nicole Grainger

Stage Manager: Anita Bourgeois

Sound Designer: Darrell Portz

Photography: Tristin Deveau & S. M. Elliot