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Unsuspicious by Maria Colonescu

Winner – Outstanding New Work, StageStruck!


“Just like any meeting between colourful women, you will belly laugh, gasp with terror, sink with sorrow, and most importantly, you will not be able to take your eyes off of them.”

–      Alberta Theatre Guide

Grace in Exile by nicole Grainger & Maria Colonescu

Winner – Artist’s Pick of the Fringe

4/5 Suns – Edmonton Sun


 “Capturing the true essence of circus-noir, clowns blur the lines of reality and fantasy portraying the horrors of life behind the big top for the audience’s amusement and asks, “are you brave enough to believe in magic?”

“A solid performance for the audience looking for a story with substance.”

“But it was Nicole Grainger, playing the role of the road-weathered, wise and deeply scarred fortune teller Madame Rose who stole the performance, capturing the complexities of a woman beaten down by life who uses Grace as a surrogate for her child, and her own innocence lost.”


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duets by peter quilter

4/5 Stars – Edmonton Journal


3/5 Suns – Edmonton Sun


“Saint Maggie Productions explores every aspect of love in four one-act skits brought together in Duets…Each one-act combines sight gags, acerbic wit and just the right amount of "aww" moments to bring these characters to light. The final scene between brother and sister Angela and Toby is the show-stopper…”



another evening of awkward romance by wendy herlich

3.5 / 5 Stars - Edmonton Journal


 “…there’s something wonderfully un-hollywood about the two, their banter 100 times sharper than in many Fringe line-ups. With unexpected colours, their chemistry bubbles.”

–      Fish Griwkowsky

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loris & beaver Play bingo by nicole grainger & maria colonescu

Winner – Outstanding New Work, StageStruck


What does it take to write an award winning play? After a series of comical wine-fueled misadventures, Kit and Margaret discover that it’s not about the puppy, Canadian content, or the bingo daubers, it’s about honest self-reflection. Winner of the ‘Outstanding New Work’ Award in the 2015 Stagestruck Festival.”